In Memoriam: My Grandfather Jan20


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In Memoriam: My Grandfather

On New Years Day 2012, that cool cat you see below, Robert K. Daniels passed away. Now you may be asking, who exactly is this Bob Daniels? He was a wonderful, kind man who was married to his lovely wife, Donna Daniels for 59 years. Together, they had three great sons Ken, Scott and Rick as well as 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. And this guy right here, writing to all of you, well… I am proud to say I am one of his 10 grandchildren.

Robert K. Daniels

Robert K. Daniels

I have been lucky enough to grow up with most of my grandparents in my life, one lives with me, and my Grandpa Bob and Grandma Donna lived just a few minutes drive down the street. Within the last, ohh I’d say 2-4 years I’ve been even more fortunate to really glean stories about my family and our history from those relationships.

Born in Cedar Rapids, IA on May 26, 1930, he married my Grandma Donna in 1952 and they built their lives and families in Fayette, IA before heading out west in 1976. Before he opened and ran his own pharmacy, Grandpa served in the Navy during the Korean War. While he resided in Fayette, he also served as Mayor for a number of years. Once out west, he continued to work as a pharmacist for many more years before retiring.

He lived a wonderful, well rounded life, traveled much of the world and was loved and admired by all of his family.

I wrote this for a multitude of reasons but the main two being to serve as my way of saying goodbye to him and to encourage everyone that reads this to get to know your grandparents, and if they are no longer around find an elderly person and talk to them. They have quite a bit to say and are just looking for someone to listen, you may be surprised at what you learn.

Goodbye Grandpa…