Cul•tured [kuhl-cherd]


1. enlightened; refined

2. artificially nurtured or grown: cultured bacteria

3. cultivated; tilled

- From Dictionary.com

For our purposes, we’ll focus on number 1.

Cherry Wood & Leather is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the ins and outs of living a cultured life… without breaking the bank. Every day we will bring you posts discussing music, literature, style and design…all from a different viewpoint and guaranteed to not always be what is on the top (insert genre here) list. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with those lists, but CW&L is here to supplement and maybe give you a new genre to delve into and find passion in. Looking back at that definition, I’m sure you can see why we strive for more than just discussing those top lists.

At it’s heart, Cherry Wood & Leather is here to help you explore new artists, musicians, writers, and styles – in the hopes that you will evolve and push yourself to be a more well rounded individual that embraces, with a passion, the interests that define you; rather than the interests mainstream society says should define you.

So, you may be asking the question, “why Cherry Wood & Leather?”, the name Cherry Wood & Leather was chosen as it defines the classic image of a world traveled, refined, well-rounded person’s study. That image of dark, cherry bookshelves stuffed to the brim with age old classical literature and worn leather chairs that have seen many a glass of scotch while those books were being read…that most defines what Cherry Wood & Leather is.

Remember, all of the posts on here are purely jumping off points and are in no means a definition of what you should and should not find interest in. Some things you may like, some you can take or leave, and others you just plain won’t find interesting. Hopefully the ratio skews heavily to the foremost part of that sentence.

Also, as much as we are here to write, teach, and discuss new things… we are here to learn from you, through communication and social media we are lucky enough to be on the same level and are really excited to see what our readers can teach us!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy!